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My child needs to see a doctor....

As the Coronavirus pandemic emerges here in Brisbane, access to medical services is becoming more challenging.

Fortunately we have a number of options on offer so that you may be able to seek medical advice if you need it for your child.

1. If your child is mildly unwell I encourage you to stay at home, do not present to your doctor unless you are particularly concerned. At GP 4 Kids we can existing patients a Telehealth consult where we can connect over a video link to provide some assessment and advice. Private fees may apply. This can be booked online here.

2. If your child is seriously unwell and you are very concerned - e.g difficulty breathing, poor fluid intake with concern around dehydration, extreme lethargy - please present to hospital.

3. If your child has a medical issue that is not urgent, please consider delaying your appointment at this stage.

4. If your child is due for routine immunisations and is currently well with NO symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection (runny nose, cough, fever, shortness of breath) please proceed with an appointment as usual. If you or your child are unwell then you will need to delay their visit until they are well.

This is a challenging time for everyone and I thank you all for your understanding.


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